The New England Whalers, playing their home games in the Boston Garden, win the World Hockey Association Championship in it’s inaugural season.
After briefly relocating to West Springfield, MA, the Whalers move to   Hartford, CT.
In January, the roof of the Hartford CIvic Center collapsed due to excessive snow and ice.  The Whalers temporarily move to Springfield while rennovations are made.
The Whalers join the NHL along with three other WHA teams.  The WHA officially disbands.
The Whalers enjoy their two best seasons.  In ’86, they sweep the heavily favored Nordiques in the first playoff round before losing to the Canadiens in a heartbreaking 7-game series.  The following year they win their division in the regular season, but lose in the first round of the playoffs.
The Whalers inexplicably trade Ulf Samuelsson and Ron Francis, two of their most popular players, to the Pittsburgh Penguins.  They would win two Stanley Cups and Francis would later become a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame.
The Whalers lose their first round playoff series in seven games to the Canadiens.  It is their seventh straight playoff appearance and, unfortunately, their last.
The team is bought by Thomas Thewes, Jim Rutherford, and Peter Karmanos.  On the ice, the Whalers struggle, missing the playoffs for the third consecutive year.  Attendance begins to dwindle.
After failed negotiations between the Whalers’ ownership and the State of CT, the team announces plans to relocate.  They will eventually land in North Carolina and be renamed the Hurricanes.